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Ventilators - Challenges and Requirements

Code Life Basic Requirements

1. Pressure controlled; inspiratory pressure up to 40cmH2O, expiratory pressure up to 25cm H2O
2. Respiratory rate 6-40 breaths/ minute
3. Adjustable inspiratory time or I:E ratio
4. Tidal volume measurement (Y piece/other, considering aerosolization risk vs. ease, cost of flow/VT circuit location)
5. Capacity to control circuit humidity and temperature (HME, inline or combination)
6. FiO2 from 21% to 100% in 10% increments; vs./ or room air, 30, 40, 60 and 100%
7. Optional O2 concentration readout
8. Triggering—timed and/or patient-triggered
9. Can be connected to standard masks, tubes and standard oxygen connectors
10. Accuracy (within <10% for volume/pressure, 1 breath a minute for rate)
11. Dual circuit with non-rebreathing valve

Give A Breath Basic Requirements

Target Vision

  •  Aiming for a comprehensive device which fulfills all technical requirements
  •  Containing/ or combining with an O2 concentrator unit for producing O2 from ambient air
    •  Different O2 concentration techniques possible1
  •  Containing a positive pressure unit from 0 to max. 15 mbar
  •  Has connectors for a oronasal mask (Challenge II)
  •  O2 flow 15 – 20 l/min needed to support/maintain desired CPAP levels
  •  Dilution needed via e.g. venturi or other techniques
  •  In case O2 delivery system can not build up CPAP pressure supporting elements need to be added to system (e.g. turbine)
  •  Works either with line supply (110 – 240V) or with low voltage external power supply (12-24V) and >120min without direct access to electricity


  • The device can contain of stock products:
    • Ensure the availability or self-production of these stock products in crisis period
    • Deliver a list of all stock parts including all availabilities and supply chain
    • Show how those stock products are connected or integrated exactly
  • Scalability through 3D printing worldwide:
    • The CAD Files have to be comprehensive after the challenge

Technical Requirements:

GAB Table1

 CPAP/BIPAP Requirements

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